LTC4 Associated Services

Create or Update Existing Workflow/Scenario-Based Core Competencies:

  1. Gather volunteers from law firms, law schools, or corporate legal departments for the purpose of creating or reviewing for update, workflow-scenarios.
  2. Volunteers determine the name and goal of new core core competencies.
  3. Create typical legal workflow-scenarios to satisfy the goal of the core competency.
  4. Map the skills required to accomplish each workflow-scenario in the core competency.
  5. Determine the required skill certification path for legal professionals and legal support specialists.
  6. Volunteers vet core competencies they did not create.
  7. All new or updated core competencies are reviewed by different volunteers than those who create/first review them.

Certification Process:

  1. Become a member of LTC4.
  2. Download and review the learning plans.
  3. Schedule consultations with other LTC4 Licensed firms on LTC4 content mapping and certification processes and procedures.
  4. Map the firm’s training/assessment content to the core competency.
  5. Submit the content mapping to LTC4 for verification.
  6. Complete training and assessment by firm employees.
  7. Complete the LTC4 Certification Application, along with the LTC4 Assessment Completion Report, submitting both along with proof of Assessment completion to
  8. Produce and distribute certifications. Individual firm employees must prove 80% assessment pass rate in at least 85% of the required competency skills to qualify for LTC4 certification as either an LTC4 Certified Legal Professional, and LTC4 Certified Legal Support Specialist or LTC4 eCompetent.

Review Vendor Assessments for LTC4 Approved Assessment Qualification:

  1. View a demonstration of vendor assessments, or participate in vendor assessment content to confirm those assessments qualify for LTC4 Approved Assessments status by satisfying the requirements of a core competency.