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The Insider with Caroline Hill

April, 16 2021

Legal technology competence is top of mind and agenda, and there is no-one who knows more about it than Joanne Humber, who is the face of global legal tech competence body LTC4. Joanne and Caroline Hill, Editor in Chief of Legal Technology Insider discuss progress – and lack of progress – in this fascinating 30-minute conversation.


Recording LTC4 Virtual Roundtable

March, 4 2021

Join LTC4 in celebrating our 10th Anniversary. In our first roundtable of 2021, we will show you our new look, our digital badges, our new Global Digital Learning Network, and other LTC4 news.


Recording LTC4 Virtual Roundtable

July, 29 2020

We’re talking about challenges trainers faced when onboarding online and ways to overcome them. We’ll also hear from the Learning & Performance Institute’s online learning expert, Michelle Parish, sharing some top tips for engaging with your audience.


Learning and Performance

Institute (LPI) Resources

Rebuild face-to-face courses for virtual classrooms. Physical classrooms do not translate directly to the live online environments. But they can be re-purposed for the virtual classroom. Hosted by Michelle Parish, the LPI’s Head of Virtual Academy.


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