License Agreement FAQs

Why is the license agreement changing?
Since moving from a membership model, we’ve had questions from our network about aspects of our license agreement, including the need to prepare an annual budget and repurchase updated learning plans. These changes are aimed to address these needs by simplifying and clarifying our terms. To facilitate our process, we’ve also enabled a click-through acceptance of these Terms and Conditions on our Shop.

What are the changes?
License term: 12 months from date on your signed/accepted license agreement. During this period, you may apply for LTC4 Certification. You still receive one Certification Pre-Check and two Certification Applications for each Learning Plan with your purchase. Please note that the Certification Pod will not review applications for organizations with expired licenses. Now, during the license term, you are eligible to receive any updates to the Learning Plan(s) that you have licensed. There is no additional charge for these updated plans.

If I get an update, must I certify on the latest version of a Learning Plan?
We also know that it can take time for an organization’s users to complete a training program. So, if a Learning Plan is updated during a license term, you will have the option to apply for certification using either the original Learning Plan or the updated Learning Plan.
After you have renewed your license (a subsequent license term), you will certify on the updated plan.

What happens at the end of the license term?
Once the 12-month license term ends, you may either renew the license or discontinue use of the Learning Plan.

Do I need to sign another License Agreement?
No. We simply wanted to inform you about these changes.