Learning Plans

Creation of the LTC4 Core Competency Learning Plans

LTC4 has been built by and for the legal community. The unprecedented collaboration of 95 volunteers who constructed and peer-reviewed the initial Core Competencies, represented an international collaboration of small and large law firms and corporate legal departments. Since then, LTC4 has grown in scope and stature and is now recognized as the industry standard certification.

The LTC4 workflow scenario format is flexible enough to be applied to any application and adapted to specific firm policies.

The short-directed workflow scenario appeals to busy legal professionals who don’t typically spend time in training.

From North America to Europe to Australia and beyond, thousands of learners from law firms, legal departments and law schools now receive their training and development programs aligned with LTC4 Core Competencies. Discover the core competencies available for attorneys and staff.

Road Map for Rollouts

Applied to Any Application

Create Your Content or Map Existing Content

Attorneys and Staff

Each core competency contains two distinct paths: one defining attorney core competencies and one defining the core competencies for support staff, addressing the specific needs of these two important levels of your organization.

Working with Legal Documents

Create consistent and professional looking documents for your clients in the most efficient way.

Managing Documents and Emails

Ensure that all client documents and emails are secure and easy to locate.

Collaborating with Others

Work efficiently with colleagues and clients.

Time Recording

Ensure that your time is accurately recorded in keeping with your Firm’s best practices.

Hybrid Working

Being able to work remotely: efficiently, responsibly, and securely.

Data and Reports

Understand the value of spreadsheets for data storage and reporting.

Security Awareness

Understand security threats and how to avoid them.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Store your client and contact data so that it is secure and accessible.

Visual Communications

Become a confident and effective presenter.

Video Conferencing

Providing the skills needed to confidently participate in and facilitate remote meetings.

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